Habari Plugin: View all your posts at once

Sometimes it might be useful to view your posts not with a maximum number of X per page but all at once. I made a plugin that adds a rewrite rule you can have a normal multiple view as you would on every normal page, except there is no pagination. Please note that loading might take a long time depending on how many posts you have and how many media is in them. The plugin will use the same output (short, full or whatever you have) as usually.

There is a view for really all published posts and one you can customize by choosing the content types you want in there. Also you can decide whether one of them should not be active. More instructions are available once you installed it (just unpack to your plugins folder).

It's called allposts and it is available on GitHub. You can download the source code with Git or use the zip package for Habari 0.9.